Can I Help?

Yes you can!

There are many ways you can help the Ojos18 Expedition and the two amazing charities it supports.

DONATE Firstly you can simply make a donation to either one of our charities: - Kissypuppy- The Sophie Rolf Trust and Brain Tumour Research. Click here for Links.

SUPPORT If you want to help support the expedition you could become an expedition ‘Supporter’, and help provide the goods and services in needs to ensure the team can get to the top of the mountain; without Supporters there simply would not be an expedition. If you are a business or individual you could choose to support the expedition by providing a piece of equipment. After the expedition the item can be given to a charity, or sold to raise even more money for charity!! Your company details, logos and website links can be displayed on this website. The expedition does not accept donations of money to support the expedition as these are always given to the two charities.

PROMOTE If you have a spare few minutes you could help promote this website and help attract more donors and supporters and help to raise more awareness of brain tumours and the two charities the expedition is supporting. Just log in to your social network site and let your contacts know our web address or perhaps you could send a couple of emails.

TAKE PART Although climbing Ojos Del Salado is the ultimate goal, there will be numerous other shorter hikes and climbs which will feature as part of the teams’ training. Some of these will be available for extra people to join and help raise more money for charity!

JOIN Do you have a strong desire to go on an adventure? Find out how you can join this exciting expedition! I WANT TO JOIN


Ojos Del Salado Expedition 2018

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