Random World Productions is a trading name of A & JE Chalkley. Random World Expeditions is a division of Random World Productions specifically set up to support the Ojos 18 Expedition. It raises income through selling advertising and offering promotions and corporate services. These funds are given to the expedition to reduce costs for each team member.

Any money raised through fund raising activities, monetary donations, or the selling of donated goods will be ENTIRELY donated to charity. Random World Productions, its affiliates, or “The Expedition” will not benefit from these types of donations or fund raising activities.

The Expedition has a strict policy for all of its Team Members that fund raising and monetary donations made to each individual or the team as a whole will be treated as charity money and donated entirely to charity.

A clear distinction is made between “donated funds” and “raised income”. Donated funds, however acquired, are held by Random World Productions but given in entirety to charity. Raised income is money made by Random World Expeditions through trading, or by selling services. This money is used to help reduce the cost of the expedition for each team member. Donated funds will never be used to pay for the expedition.

Donated goods will either be returned to the donating organization or person as agreed at time of donation, given directly to a charity or sold with all the proceeds for that sale being given to charity.


In the exceedingly unlikely event that the expedition is cancelled completely, all supplied goods and services will be returned wherever possible. Money donated to charity in good faith will be considered to continue to be a gift to the charities however, individuals may request that their donation is returned and the organisers will attempt to return donated funds wherever possible.


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Ojos Del Salado Expedition 2018

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Random World Productions is a trading name of A & JE Chalkley

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