The Charities

The Ojos18 expedition aims to raise £22,615 (one pound for each foot in height of the mountain) and boost awareness for two charities. It was not easy for the organisers to decide on which charities to support as there are so many worthwhile causes, but after losing two family members to brain tumours in 2013, the organisers decided that to pick charities with a real emotional link to their lost loved ones will give the expedition an extra big incentive to raise as much money as possible and to make sure the Mountain Team succeeds in reaching the top of the Mountain.Kissypuppy1

Sophie was just 6 years old when she past away, only around eighteen months after her diagnosis. Throughout her treatment and even in her final months, Sophie, worked tirelessly and with incredible determination to raise money for a fund set up in her name. ‘Kissypuppy’; the Sophie Rolf Fund raises money to help provide facilities and support for children with life-limited illnesses and their families. The expedition would like to continue the incredible work Sophie started by supporting Kissypuppy. DONATE to KissyPuppy

Ceri past away at the age of 31 after battling a brain tumour for many years. She was a wonderful kind woman who is sorely missed by everyone in the family. The organisers asked her husband to suggest a charity that Ceri would have liked us to support and he decided on Brain Tumour Research.btr

More people under 40 die from brain tumours than any other cancer, although it receives less than 1% of the UK funding for research. Brain Tumour Research aims to raise £7million per year to help fund research into brain tumours, with the hope of finding new treatments and cures and stop so many individuals and their families suffering from these terrible conditions.

The entire expedition is dedicated to Sophie and to Ceri and would like to donate all the money raised to Kissypuppy and Brain Tumour Research. DONATE to Brain Tumour Research

We aim to raise £11,307.50 (a combined total of £22,615) for each charity but you can choose who you support...




Ojos Del Salado Expedition 2018

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