The Mountain

Ojos Del Salado is an extremely high mountain directly on the border between Chile and Argentina in South America. The mountain is actually the world’s highest active volcano! S8300374

This massive giant is 22,615 feet high (approximately) and technically has two peaks, one in Chile and one just across the border in Argentina.

Ojos Del Salado is not frequently climbed, especially not compared with Aconcagua nearby which is slightly higher and is one of the “Seven Summits”- the highest mountains on each of the seven continents. However, it is climbed a number of times a year, mostly from the Chilean side, but sometimes from the Argentinian side too.

December-March is generally the best season to climb Ojos Del Salado as it is the middle of the summer in the southern hemisphere and the temperatures, especially towards the peak, are more bearable.

As with any extremely high mountains, weather can change quickly and even during the summer months temperatures can drop as low as -20C with strong winds and snow likely as well.

At the base of the mountain, the region is more desert like with dry dusty plains and rocky terrain, although there are streams and rivers- fed from snow and ice melt higher in the mountains which promote small areas of greener pasture and wildlife.

The region is remote and high, with very little development nearby. On the Chilean side there is a basic track and a couple of rufugeos (refuges) along the climbing route but nothing on the Argentinian side.



Ojos Del Salado Expedition 2018

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