Meet the Team

Alex (Expedition Leader)

    Long walks with family, scouting and hiking with his Aunty made Alex fall in love with adventure and the great-outdoors. S8300507He is always happy when he is outdoors, regardless of the weather and has travelled the world with his wife to seek exciting activities in challenging but beautiful environments.

    Alex has always enjoyed climbing mountains and, for a long time, has dreamed of climbing a really big mountain. After many hours scouring the web, he found Ojos Del Salado! This super massive mountain is higher than Alex has been before (17,000ft his previous highest) but he loves a challenge.

    Alex has always been a bit daring and is happy to try crazy, adrenaline fuelled activities and is very confident with his own abilities.

    This photo from 2007 shows Alex teetering on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

    Throughout his life, Alex has studies many aspects of outdoor activities and has planned many successful trips and adventures. Recently he has been putting his knowledge of the great outdoors into his new website which is a collection of information on all different types of activities and sports.

More Team info to follow shortly....

Ojos Del Salado Expedition 2018

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